Radiant Saunas Rejuvenator Portable Personal Sauna Reviews

  • This portable Sauna product is used for a single person and if you are a self-oriented person, then it is the best Sauna for you.
  • Blue Wave is the most trustable leading manufacturer company that serves the best quality of services for 10 years. The mission of the company is to provide top-class and excellent quality beyond customer expectations when they demand.
  • Now, you might inspect the product features and specifications thoroughly before going to purchase it. First, the question comes to mind, “What is Portable Personal Radiant Sauna?”. Let’s know about it.
  • Portable radiant sauna is a tent-like structure that allow you to rejuvenate yourself with the best way to enjoy steaming.This portable sauna can easily relocate wherever you want to shift it from one place to another.It is the most demandable product as it consume less space. Therefore, you can even place it in a congested area.
  • After long work hours, if you are looking for relaxation and peace, this is what you actually need. The new feature that you can see in this product is fabric. This fabric materials that are used for resisting moisture helps you to enjoy your Sauna experience even in bad weather.
  • I think, you get a brief idea on the basic portable feature of this Rejuvenator Sauna. Let’s know what are the special features and its specifications?




33.5 x 28 x 38.1 inches

Item Weight

17.99 pounds

Shipping Weight

17.99 pounds


Blue Wave Products



Item model number


Heating components

3 Carbon Fiber Panels

Maximum Temperature

150 degrees F

Electrical Requirement 





Far Infrared Carbon Panels:

  • Far infrared carbon panels are carbon emitters that are not familiar with low EMF and no volatile organic compounds(VOC). These are organic chemicals that possess high pressure at room temperature.
  • There are three far infrared carbon panels that are placed inside the sauna. Those heaters provide uniform heating throughout over your body. This product offers a deep penetrating heat wave that reduces the tension between the muscles. Thus, you get relief from chronic muscle and joint pains.
Heated Foot Pad:
  • This radiant pad helps to keep the inside temperature warm.Similarly, it is energy efficient and it heats up the entire Sauna product evenly with ease. Those heating pads allow to spread hot air from top to bottom and you can experience similar temperature during the Sauna session. Even at a lower temperature the heat can’t be released from the product.
Canvas Chair:
  • Canvas chair is a type of folding chair that is lightweight and easy to move from place to another. Moreover, we are going to talk about the benefits of using a canvas chair and you should know them properly before allowing it to your Sauna session.
  • It has a very aesthetic appearance with customized and attractive feature.An amazing point of this chair is that as being light in weight, you can move it anywhere and can carry it when it is necessary.It offers you good back support if in a case where you have to sit upright for a long duration.
Heating Panels and Insulation:
  • The interesting point regarding Personal Infrared Radiant Sauna is its high-end powerful heating panel.This product has 3 heating panels which emit low EMF and it is beneficial for the health. With the help of this heaters, the sauna catches up the desired temperature within a few minutes.
  • Furthermore, this sauna is surrounded with three layers among which the outer layer is of satin polyester; the middle is of cotton insulation whereas inside layer is of durable reflective polyester. In all, this coating helps to trap the hot air inside by providing insulation.
  • Fit solid hardwood and folded chair adds up tio a new structure that is known an 'EZ.' These two components are easy to assemble as well as to dissemble.There are more additional features which you can take advantage while enjoying your sauna session.Portable personal radiant sauna provides holes for your feet and head. Also, it offers a pocket where you can put your phone or any small digital gadget.
Health Benefits:
  • Now,let's understand the health benefits of using this Portable Personal Radiant Sauna.
  • One of the most significant benefits of portable personal radiant sauna is detoxification.
  • Moreover, the best way to remove toxins from your body is sweating. The more you sweat, the more you will release toxins.
  • These happen when you are in contact with hot air. These will enhance your blood circulation, and hence, it will remove the toxins with metabolism rate. Thus enrich your blood with pure oxygen and you can experience a fresh air.


  • You are concerned more about your skin tone and appearance.Through portable personal radiant sauna, you can have the right skin tone and glowing skin. It will reduce wrinkles, age spots, etc.

Immune System:

  • As the blood circulation surges up, then, it increases the body's core temperature, known as 'False Fever.' These will force the system to produce more white blood cells and ultimate immune system becomes rigid against disease.

Joint Pains and Aches:

  • The two main factors for joint pains are inflammation and swelling.False Fever directly affect swelling and inflammation and gives you relief from joint pains and aches.The best time for muscle relaxation is at the hot temperature.

Weight Loss:

  • Through this product, you can be able to lose weight just by burning calories. It is effortless because you do not have to do vigorous exercise and release sweat.Instead, what you have to do is to sit for an hour at a place and enjoy the sauna. Without any intense workout, you can burn calories and can shed pounds.
  • ETL approved heating panel
  • Light weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Occupy less space
  • Shut-off automatically safety feature
  • Improves skin tone
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Durability is very high.
  • Fiber offers a moisture resistance feature.
  • It has a less installation time.
  • No Problem is found.