Best Portable Infrared sauna

I know that choosing the best portable infrared sauna is tricky because there are lots of portable saunas are available in market right now!

Our sauna experts have spent 100+ hours in testing all the saunas and they came up with these top 5 portable saunas for 2020.

Now, if you are a smart person like me and don't want to read whole article then you can choose this SereneLife Portable Infrared Home Spa​.

Let's have a quick look at top 5 sauns.

These sauna kits have everything you would ever need to get an infrared sauna therapy at home just by yourself.

Isn’t that cool?

You can setup these portable saunas anywhere you like. They are small, lightweight and portable. Unlike those big sauna rooms, these are perfect for taking it with you to your friend’s house or on a trip. They are way more less costly than proper sauna rooms.

Is there any down side to buying portable sauna?

Well, the only disadvantage of these portable saunas is that they can accommodate only one person. Other than that, they are exactly same as big sauna rooms. They give you all the same health benefits like sauna rooms in spas and gyms.

​Advantages Of Buying A Portable Sauna​!

  • ​Get your own private sauna.
  • ​Very lightweight.
  • ​Extremely portable.
  • Gives you the same health benefits as big saunas.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Very less space needed.
  • Easy storage.
  • Less costly than big sauna room.
  • Very popular among single people

Are you looking for an Extra-large sized portable sauna for yourself?

Let us show you this Durasage portable infrared sauna 20​20.

This is a very portable and light weight personal sauna that you can setup in only few minutes. This portable sauna has 3 heaters that are very super conductive in nature. These high tech heaters are made out of ultra-thin carbon fiber heating element.

It will take only 5 minutes for this portable infrared sauna to heat up and provide you with sauna therapy experience. You will get all the features and relaxation that you get in a conventional large infrared sauna in spa or a gym.

With the two hand sleeves provided, you can actually stretch your arms outside the sauna to use phones or TV. You will be able to set a timer of up to 60 minutes of sauna therapy, by using the provided remote control.

You get a free arm chair and a heating foot-pad with this portable sauna.

The total dimensions of this portable infrared sauna 20​20 is 27.5 X 30 X 38 inches and the total weight of the portable sauna is only 15.7 pounds.


  • ​Takes only 5 minutes to heat up.
  • ​Free chair and heating foot-pad.
  • ​Light weight.
  • Extra-large size.


  • ​No information provided about warranty.

Looking for a sauna with air ionizer?

Let us present this Idealsauna FIS 101 portable sauna for your home.

It is very cheap along with being able to provide you all the features and comforts of a traditional infrared sauna.

This portable infrared sauna ​2020 is equipped with negative ion generator. It will mimic the feeling of sitting near a waterfall and sunbathing.

Really cool yeah?

The 3 high tech super conductive heaters are made out of very thin carbon fiber material. It also provides you with two hand sleeves, you can extend out your arms to watch tv or do some reading while getting an infrared sauna therapy experience.

Weight and dimensions of this portable sauna are 17.8 pound and 38.6 X 27.5 X 6.2 inches respectively.

It takes just a few minutes to set it up and running. Along with a 1 year limited warranty, you will also get a free remote control, a chair and a footpad that heats up when you purchase this portable infrared sauna.


  • ​Carbon fibre heating pads.
  • ​1 year warranty.
  • ​negative ion generator provided.
  • Free heating foot pads and a folding chair.


  • ​A little costlier than other similar portable saunas.

Do you need to lose weight along with getting negative ion detox?

Then this portable sauna is for you!

This Ridgeyard portable infrared sauna 20​20 will help you perspire quickly, activate the build muscles and promote blood circulation.  With a 10 minutes of infrared sauna therapy in this portable sauna, you will get the same benefits like 30 minutes of jogging and sweating.

It also helps you with weight loss, toxin removal, stress relief, fatigue relief and detoxing.

Isn’t that enough reason to buy it?

This portable sauna is very easy to assemble and install, it will take only a few minute before you are ready to go. Also, it will heat up to 140-degree F in mere 5 minutes only.

The material with which it is made with is satin polyester, which is both durable and moisture resistant. The 3 high-tech super conductive heaters are made with carbon fiber element which are ultra-thin in thickness.

The total weight of this portable sauna is 24 pounds and the dimensions are 39.3 X 26.7 X 32.2 inches.

You will get a free chair and an instruction manual with purchase along with a 3-year warranty.


  • ​EMC certified.
  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Portable.
  • Build it on off safety feature.
  • Heats up in only 5 minutes.
  • 3  year warranty.


  • ​A bit heavy than other similar portable sauna.

Looking for a portable sauna with good rating?

Let us show you the Serenelife portable sauna which has 4.5-star rating from 135 happy customers on amazon. The high star rating shows you that the company provides with a very good portable sauna.

This portable sauna is very light weight and small, so you can use it anywhere you like as it is not going to take up a lot of space. Meaning you will get your health benefits wherever you go. Portability allows you to move and quickly and easy from one place to another.

This portable infrared sauna ​2020 gives you the same health benefits that you get from a conventional infrared sauna like: detoxification, relaxation and pain relief.

No more using your own stools to sit inside the portable sauna as this portable sauna comes with a comfortable and fold-able chair. The remote control which is provided with this sauna will let you programme your own sauna therapy sessions or you can use one of the pre-set programmes in it.

This sauna can reach temperatures of 140-degree F, thanks to its low EMF rating carbon fiber heating elements. You can program session up to 60 minutes with this portable sauna.

This saunas dimension are 27.6 X 31.5 X 37.8 inches and the weight of it is only 20 pounds.

Also, you will be getting a warranty of 1 year with the purchase.


  • ​1 year warranty.
  • ​Light weight.
  • ​Carbon fiber heating pads.
  • Good reviews.
  • Reputed seller.
  • Low EMF rating.


  • ​Not suitable for large people.

Along with being mentioned in amazon’s choice in sauna category, this portable sauna also looks very costly and attractive.

You get a good quality interior and exterior front compartment zippers with this portable sauna. Also, you get padded and double lined neck collars which are very comfortable.

You will be able to control the temperature and time using the provided remote control which is very easy and safe to use and also has 6 automatic timer options.  You will be able to pre-set 5 levels of heat with 150-degree F being the highest temperature that this portable sauna can achieve.

The heating elements on this portable infrared sauna ​2020 are ETL approved for low EMF ratings and are made with carbon fiber material.

The weight of this portable sauna is 18 pounds and the weight limit for it is 150 pounds. The dimensions are: 33.5 X 28 X 38.1 inches.

You get a free canvas seating hair with the purchase. Also, you get a sewn-in pocket outside the portable sauna to put the remote control and other things. There is a 1 year limited warranty provided with this product.


  • ​Quick and easy setup.
  • ​Hand held remote control provided.
  • ​Good health benefits.
  • Sturdy cabin construction.
    Comfortable collar.
  • ETL approved heaters.
  • 6 automatic options to select from.


  • ​None


This article implies the best portable infrared Sauna products with their applications. Therefore, it will be quite easy to install and then you can handle it in a better way. So, go through it and purchase it as soon as possible to keep your family healthy.