JNH Lifestyles Freedom 3 Person Far Infrared Sauna reviews

  • JNH Lifestyles is one of the largest firms of Freedom and it is established in Ontario, California. They mainly offer a wide variety of products that maintain their standards as well as qualities. This unique item is especially designed for 3 people and it is available in every way with premium quality.
  • This US based company has a team of knowledgeable engineers and technicians who have an experience of more than 20 years in the field of manufacturing. Having these skills, they have enough capabilities to attract more  customers and enhance the ratings easily. Thus, they get admired by getting lots of good reviews and feedback from the potential customers.
  • ThIs JNH Lifestyles Freedom is exactly fitted for 3 persons and they can avail relaxation by participating together. It is like a hot room where 2-3 people can easily seat and remove toxins from their body. Therefore, it is the best Sauna item for family members and rejuvenate themselves effortlessly. Even, they get the opportunity to spend a lot of time during spa with ease and get rid of different kind of diseases by regulating the process continuously.
  • The special feature that is available in this product is low EMF and then, it can easily avoid the effect of an electromagnetic field. We know that EMF always attract the materials which are known as good conductors. Therefore, the chances of biological imbalance gets maximum due to high EMF. However, those major health hazards can be avoided by reducing this harmful effect and this Sauna is absolutely perfect to cover up this section as this product is available with 0 EMF.
  • Before going to the product details, you should know every portion of the items. Now, the first question that might come in your mind, “What is an infrared Sauna?”. Read this article carefully and solve your queries.
  • An infrared Sauna is an extraordinary artificial room that releases hot air and it circulates throughout the environment. The entire process is controlled in the presence of infrared heaters that can heat up the product within 15 minutes.Therefore, a high amount of heat can be generated within a less amount of time. Even, it is suitable to spare time with different activities that you love to do.
  • The aesthetic design and chromotherapy lighting easily boost up Sauna experiences. Similarly, the in-built LED lights with temperature control system allows you to adjust the temperature and operate other functions confidently. The above functionality make one of the best Sauna products and create a brand credibility on JNH Freedom LifeStyle.

Product Specifications:

  1. Product Dimensions: 59 x 39.5 x 75 inches
  2. Item Weight: 330 Pounds
  3. Shipping Weight: 370 Pounds
  4. Manufacturer: JNH Lifestyles
  5. Item model number: MG301HCB
  6. Power: 1980 W
  7. Back Heaters: 3
  8. Shoulder Heaters:2
  9. Leg Heaters:2
  10. Calf Heaters:1
  11. Number of Total Heaters:8
  12. EMF rating:2 - 3 mG at 6 inches far from heater
  13. Electrical Requirement: 20Amps Breaker (110v ~ 120v + 5-20P Socket Required)
  14. Warranty: 2-Year Warranty; Lifetime Tech Support
  • The above product specifications give you the structural details of the Sauna item, But, you must be aware of the individual accessories that are beneficial for Sauna session. Let’s have a look at below and know them in details.
Oxygen Ionizer:
  • This beneficial device is useful for removing pollen air of dust and other pollutants, etc. Even, it is enough to provide you a bacteria-free pure air that leads to a clean and fresh breathe.
Working Process:
  • This JNH Freedom Sauna device can produce negative ions and it can easily separate the tiny particles from the air. This negative charge always try to attract positive ions like bacteria, pollen as well as dust and mold and then, create a strong bond. This bond is formed by attraction of negative and positive ions and make it enough heavy to fall down on the floor. As a result, you can enjoy a comfortable Sauna in fresh air.
Chromotherapy Lights:
  • By this colorful light effect, you can reduce anxiety and make you very calm. Even, the colors provide an energy that have different vibrancy. Thsu, you can enjoy a sense of relaxation.

Ergonomic Lumbar Support and Neck Rest:

  • Ergonomic Lumbar support is a very useful chair that has double-sided benefits. You can align your ears, shoulders and hips to get relief from neck and back pain respectively. Similarly, it is also helpful to increase the strength of inner curvature of the lower spine and give an entire support to the upper spinal area by avoiding the chronic body pain.
  • JNH Freedom 3 Person Far-Infrared Sauna plays an alternate solution of intense exercise. It increases the rate of blood circulation and a continuous spa within it increase the sweat production especially when you are in a warmer area. Even, it burns calories and increases the metabolism that causes an ultimate weight loss.
  • Detoxifications help to increase blood circulation and it relaxes toxins from sweat glands. Regular usage of Sauna releases metals, organic and inorganic compounds and give you a healthy glowing skin. Therefore, you can improve the tone, texture and elasticity of your skin.
  • This 3 Person Far-Infrared Sauna produces more white blood cells and increases the immune system. After that, it reduces swelling and inflammation like two most problematic factor of pain.
  • It is very easy to assemble and flexible to move.
  • The quality of this infrared Sauna is very high.
  • Hot air can be distributed within a less amount of time and warms the room very quickly.
  • All the components are well furnished and tested by the experienced staff.
  • Digital control system is present to adjust temperature.
  • High portability and glass can tolerate higher temperatures.
  • Sturdy structure by T & G construction.
  • The front glass is heavy in size and it is impossible to lift without involving 3-4 persons.
  • Wood finishing is not up to expectation level.
  • You need to connect this Sauna with 20 amp circuit to operate switch of product. Therefore, you can operate this Sauna Lifestyle by tapping on the on/off.