• One of the best manufacturers of the Infrared Sauna is JNH LifeStyles. Their manufacturer team is experienced enough to design this Sauna product with high-end flexibility. They provide the best quality of Sauna items more than 20 years according to the demand of customers.
  • JNH lifestyles are fully dedicated to their users and they are able to provide the customized products confidently. The product gets popularity due to their versatile appearance.

Before going to its benefits, you should know the product features along with specification details. Therefore, you can feel free to use and get familiar with Sauna session within a short period.




Product Dimensions

47.3 x 39.5 x 75 inches

Item Weight

300 pounds

Shipping Weight

300 pounds


JNH Lifestyles



Item model number



2 Years

Exterior Wood

Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood

Interior Wood

Canadian Western Red Cedar Wood

Back Heaters


Calf Heaters


Leg Heaters


Shoulder Heaters


Total Number of Heaters




EMF rating

2-3 mG far from heater

Electrical requirement 

110v~120v with standard 15 Amps US outlet

The structural frame is made of various useful components and build a well-furnished final product. Therefore, you have to know those components along with their functions. In this section, we are going to see the product details and their benefits on your health.

Carbon Fiber Heater:
  • This heaters(made of carbon) offers soft radiant heat which penetrates the skin deeply. This is a very efficient process despite lower output.
  • In JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Far-Infrared Sauna,a 7 carbon fiber infrared heaters are attached. 2 heaters each are kept at backside, shoulder side and leg side, respectively. The other one is provided to the calf side.Due to this great arrangement, you can enjoy a uniform distribution of soft radiant heat on your body.
  • The benefits of having carbon fiber infrared heater is that it warms up the room very quickly. The reason behind quick heating is that it heats only such surfaces where radiation hits in spite of surrounding air.
Red Cedar Wooden Materials:
  • It is one of the finest wood is cedar that is widely used in Canada and you can see the original cedar wood in thsi Sauna.This wood offers plenty of benefits like better and natural durability as well as this good polish make the product very attarctive.In addition to that, the wood gives an aesthetic appearance and that’s why people prefer to buy this product as well as it makes it one of the best Saunas.
  • Moreover, the wood is FSC certified, and no chemicals or plywood are present in this wooden Sauna. Furthermore, another advantage that you can see in this wooden material is dimensional stability. That means the wood has that capability to maintain its original dimension even after intent purposes.
Digital Control Panel:
  • This sauna offers a digital control panel by which you get a change to change temperature by sitting at a place. Even, you can set the temperature before going to Sauna session. JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Far-Infrared Sauna is equipped with extraordinary digital

    Components that keeps the system stable for a long time.

Sound System:
  • If you want to boost up your sauna experience with some refreshing and melodious music, then JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Far-Infrared Sauna is the best option. This sauna facilitates you with 2 premium high-quality speakers and a volume rocker to relax. You can install portable playback device.

  • We all the significant advantage of LED is that it is cost efficient. It is 50% more cost efficient than normal bulbs.

  • JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Far-Infrared Sauna product is constructed by tongue and groove method to avoid every hectic situation. The assembled item offers a tool free design. Therefore, a few number of tools are needed for the construction. It will be effortless to build up a sauna with ease.

Double Wall Insulation:
  • Double wall insulation process helps to entrap the heat inside the room. This will not let the hot air to escape from the room. Thus, you can enjoy a comfortable Sauna during a long time.

  • The wall is surrounded with a double layer of insulation in JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Far-Infrared Sauna. Therefore, the temperature of the room will be the same even after the long hours. Even, you and your partner going to swat at low temperature.

  • The glass which is installed in JNH Lifestyles Freedom 2 Person Far-Infrared Sauna can be tolerate high temperatures. Also, it offers a see-through door feature which allows you to see outside clearly from within the room.

Oxygen Ionizer:
  • This ionizer device removes out dust from the room.This happen when the device emits negative electronic wave. It will try to bond with positive particles like dust or bacteria and those heavy particles fall on the floor when the charge ion bond becomes strong. Therefore, clean the floor and take a fresh breathe with more oxygen.

Head Support set and Ergonomic Lumbar:
  • Lumbar is useful to reduce stiffness after sitting upright for a long time. Moreover, it provides the support to upper spinal curvature.

Health Benefits:
  • Detoxification releases the harmful agent from your body and increases blood circulation at high temperature. Even, it increases the level of oxygen and thus the tissues are filled up with enriched oxygen.

  • It improves the immune system and increases the level of white blood cells. Moreover, this JNH LifeStyle Sauna helps more sweating and it causes a weight loss.
  • Besides this, it plays a crucial role to produce more collagen. Thus, you easily gain a young look. So, why are you waiting for? Purchase the product and represent yourself in a better way.
  • Unit is sturdy

  • FSC certified Cedar wood
  • Glass bear higher temperatures
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Tool free Design.
  • Improve your skin.
  • Heat up the hoom immediately due to installation of powerful heaters.
  • You can face a little bit problem in sound system as sound sound system quality is not up to mark.