JNH Lifestyles Freedom 1 Person Far-Infrared Sauna Reviews

  • JNH Lifestyles offers a far-infrared Sauna product that is perfect for a single person and it provides customers with top-notch services. The aim of this product is to serve you a disease-free life. Lots of facilities and its extraordinary features make the product very appealing to the customers. Its small room structure is absolutely suitable to give relief from harmful diseases. Its low EMF feature and low ELF facility offered by Sauna create a positive image in the global marketplace.
  • Let’s know the technology used in this product that make the product more beneficial for global business impacts.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF):

  • A high ELF is very harmful for your body. Therefore, the far infrared Sauna for single person provides you a low ELF product where frequency is set between 3 to 30 hertz and this product is extremely good for your health.
Product Specifications:
  • First, know details about the Sauna product with its specifications. Then, it will be suitable for you to use and feel free to operate.
  • The overall dimension of the JNH LifeStyles Freedom is 35.5’’X35.5X75” and material used in the item is pure Cedar wood. The ultimate weight of this product is 250 pounds and it can carry a maximum of 1320 wattage.
  • There are 6 heaters in this product where number of black heater is 1. On the other hand, a pair of shoulder heaters, leg heaters and 2 calf heaters are enough to heat up this Sauna item within a short period.
Product Description and Its Useful Features:
  • This valuable Sauna is very useful for the following features and functionalities.
T & G Construction:
  • It is a method that is used to fit two identical objects and it is constructed similar to the other materials, Therefore, it is easier to create a strong bond when the edge to edge connection is established and the entire two objects are transformed into a single flat surface. This construction is established by flooring and panelling process and is helpful to build a very strong product.
Carbon Fiber Infrared Heaters:
  • It is the actual key element of Sauna and 6 carbon heaters are attached to that product to keep the environment hot. It is suitable for generating hot air and give you a warmth experience during regular Sauna session.
  • The different types of heaters including shoulder heaters maximize the heat and it circulates throughout the environment. The infrared heater set acts as a high temperature body and transforms its energy to lower temperature body. Thus, it keeps the body temperature balanced and your body tries to absorb the radiation. In this way, it helps to sweat and remove toxins like harmful agents from your body.
  • Cedar wood is used to construct this valuable infrared Sauna product and it is used for its high durability. Moreover, this wooden material resists rot, decay as well as harmful insect attack. Its attractive appearance with beautiful finish easily impress  the customers. Similarly, its auto-moisture resistance feature offers a less maintenance and make the product very decorative.
  • Moreover, this product is very eco-friendly as biodegradable wooden materials are used in its structural format. This user-friendly product is more familiar than synthetic product. Even, this wooden Sauna item is available at a reasonable rate as the wood is not expensive and it gives many benefits as well.
Dual Wall Insulation:
  • This product is insulated with double walls and therefore, hot air can be trapped inside the room only. Therefore, you can enjoy a sauna session comfortably due to less electricity consumption. Electricity generating power plants reduce the emission rate of Carbon dye oxide. Thus, you can keep your environment pollution-free.

Sound System:

  • You can enjoy your Sauna session with melodious music system inside this spa item. You can control the music system and adjust the setup as per your mood. Even, you will get a bluetooth facility to play music from this portable device.
LED Lightning:
  • LED lighting feature helps to experience significant merits. Moreover, medical benefits and cosmetic benefits are available in this product due to this extraordinary feature.
Health Benefits:
  • This Sauna is helpful to get relief from body pain and inflammations. Therefore, it provides with several cosmetic benefits like anti-aging therapy, reduce wrinkles, etc.Thus, JNH Lifestyles freedom 1 Persona far infrared Sauna product keep you young as well as is helpful to spend a healthy life.
Deep Sleep:
  • After a Sauna session, you will be free from joint pains and aches. Moreover, it gives you a relaxation with ease., Therefore, you will have a better and deep sleep.
  • Detoxification process can be done through this Sauna session, Therefore, you can easily eliminate toxins from your body.
Reduce weight:
  • It increases the blood circulation, especially when you are in warmth Sauna session. Thus, the weight loss happens if you take part regularly in the Sauna session.
  • Meditation is one of the benefits of taking this Suna session timely. You need to install this single person portable Sauna at a place where noise can’t spoil your mood.
Improve Immune System:
  • It enhances the production of white blood cells and reduce swelling as well as inflammation. Blood is purified as the metabolism rate gets increased and blood vessels are enriched with oxygen.
  • Furthermore, it gives a greater result to overcome the chronic fatigue syndrome.Blood circulation also releases endorphin hormones and keeps your mood fresh.
  • The product is very easy to assemble.
  • It is good for overcoming all the health hazards.
  • Spread the hot air evenly and keep the environment hot for a long time.
  • It is a very good product for detoxification.
  • Heating rate is very high due to its in-built powerful heaters.
  • Digital panel control helps to adjust the temperature during Sauna session.
  • Relief from body pain and purifies your blood as well as increase immune system.
  • High-end durable product.
  • Keep the metabolism rate balanced.
  • Dual wall insulation can absorb more heat and release hot air from t\its chamber.
  • This single person Sauna offers an effective sound system.
  • Single person can use at a time.
  • Sound quality is not up to the satisfactory level.
  • Casing is very poor.