JNH Lifestyles ENSI 4 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews

  • This JNH LifeStyle ENSI Infrared Sauna product contains more than 3 seats and therefore, it is perfect for family use. This Sauna item offers plenty of options that are suitable for removing headache like annoying health issues. Even, it gives you the best result in migraine problem  and eliminating other body pains. It is a time-consuming task to choose the best one among the market available Spa products. But, this Sauna product is preferable to the users due to its some of the extraordinary features.
  • This valuable Sauna item is manufactured by ENSI Sauna which has a mission to provide with the top-notch product. The vision of Sauna is to focus on the customer's interests and offer them the products as per an individual’s requirement. Their dedication is also highlighted in the durability of this Infrared Sauna.

Product Specifications:

  • The overall dimension of the product is 47.3x70.9x75 inches and it is comparatively heavy in weight (approx. 495 pounds). This JNH Lifestyles offers high-quality of Canadian wooden materials with 3 years of warranty period. It can carry up to 110V and 20Amp electrical equipment can be attached with it during the Sauna session whereas the wattage is 1980W..The overall specification is not enough if you are really interested in Sauna experiences. Therefore, it is necessary to know details on the components to identify the ENSI 4 Infrared Sauna spa item.
Wooden Materials:
  • This Sauna uses the best quality of Canadian Hemlock wood to create the internal structure of the item. The material is kiln dried and its rot resistant feature makes one of the special Suna products. This JNH Lifestyle Sauna has no harmful chemical compound and plywood is also absent in this Sauna. But, its durability is high as it has a solid wood structure.
  • It is certified by FSC and its superb insulation power trap the heat within the Sauna room. Therefore, you can feel warmth for a long duration and enjoy a greater spa session. In case of the normal wooden spa product, there is a chance of insect attack but its outstanding resistance scar feature protect your product from unsecure environment.
  • This wooden material has good insulation properties as its exterior has a protective layer. Moreover, its interior has a double layer of Canadian Hemlock wood and it enhances the longevity of the product.Even, the heat can easily generated after a certain period.
  • Nine carbon heaters are installed in this Sauna product to make it perfect for enjoying a reckless spa. Due to multiple powerful heaters, the item can be heat up within a less amount of time. Among those useful heaters, two heaters are used for shoulders and legs respectively. The four heating pads are kept at the back side of the product and one of them is mounted at the calf area. Thus, it is very useful for nourishing the entire body and releases the muscles pains effectively.
  • All the heaters are tested and verified by reputed multinational certification company Intertek. The heaters offer zero EMF and you can obviously avoid the harmful effect of the electro-magnetic field on your body. Otherwise, this product with high EMF attracts the body as the human body is a conductor.
  • Therefore, the very high EMF will create a health hazard quite often. Furthermore, those heaters can emit 0.6mG heat from zero distance that makes the heater virtually zero EMF heater. Thus, the heaters become 80% more efficient than other Spa heating elements.
Construction and Assembly:
  • This Sauna product is constructed with reliable service of Tongue and groove method. In this section, fixture of two flat wooden surface is transformed into a single flat panel consequently. This extraordinary technique is widely used in flooring and panelling similar constructions.
  • When it comes to assemble form, then it offers a tool-free design due to its built-in features. Even, you can simple buckle the panels whenever you wish and then it is ready to use.
Glass and Insulation:
  • Dual wall insulation is the most significant feature of this JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna. Therefore, the generated heat can’t be escaped out and the hot air can’t be released from the Sauna room. Therefore, you can spend lots of time without bothering about its expansion and not worrying about insulation. This highly insulated product can reach the temperature up to 141 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Safety glass that is found outside the spa item is used to tolerate high temperatures. Eve, you can enjoy a hot spa at a lower temperature as the good insulation is offered by those protective glasses.Besides this, you can avail of a clear outside visibility as it offers a see-through door feature from inside the Sauna.
Other Useful Features:
  • You can enjoy a stereo sound system as two premium speakers are attached to it. It includes a 3.5 mm AUX plug with bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, the volume rocker is also available with a speaker that is helpful enough to enjoy a delightful music mood efficiently.
  • Digital control panel is also available with this ENSI Sauna product and therefore, you are allowed to control the temperature when it is necessary.
Health Benefits:


  • Detoxification is very beneficial to remove harmful toxins like zinc, lead, much more through sweat during the spa time. Thus, you can avoid major diseases and get rid of the unnecessary health hazards.
  • It reduces weight and decreases the body’s core temperature. Thus, the system burns the calories consequently and it increases the metabolism rate gradually.
  • This system forces to produce white blood cells and reduces the chances of false fever. Even, swelling and inflammation are two factors that directly improves the immune system easily.
  • It is also beneficial to reduce stress and keep your mind fresh as well as peaceful. Thus, it feels your energetic and you will have a good sleep as well. Similarly,regular usage of this Sauna product gives a good result in removing joint pains and reduce aches. Thus, it is known as the best Sauna item.
  • It is a lifetime technical product with excellent ratings.
  • This ENSI Sauna product is enough powerful to improve digestive system and strengthen the immune system.
  • This item is ideal to reduce body pain and increases the metabolism rate.
  • Virtually ZERO EMF heater provides you with a good Sauna experience.
  • This product is very useful for family members and its dual wall insulation make the product more reliable.
  • You can enjoy a long time spa with high heating components.
  • This product is manufactured by genuine hemlock wood that has 100% genuine materials.
  • Its tool-free design with 3 years of warranty period make the product valuable to the users.
  • No chemicals and plywoods are present and it enhances its durability.
  • You can enjoy a stereo sound system with bluetooth connectivity to enjoy a romantic music session.