Best Infrared Sauna [Complete Review & Buyer’s Guide In 2020]

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​I have spent more than 52 hours in research to find the ​Best infrared sauna and ​I have reviewed them for you as well!

​But before we proceed, If you are looking for some specific infrared sauna then here is the list! check it out!

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Heatwave Sante Fe SA2412DX Review ​– ​Best corner 3 person infrared sauna with 7 carbon heater

Blue Wave Tucson 4-Person Sauna Review

Are you looking for a 3 person infrared sauna?

Then look no more!

We have bought you this Heatwave Sante Fe best infrared sauna. It is best suited to people who have 3 people in their family who use infrared saunas together.

The manufacturers have placed a total of 7 carbon heaters in this best infrared sauna. These carbon heaters are placed in a special way to make sure there is enough and uniform heat distribution.

One carbon heater is placed on the floor, two on the left wall, two on the right wall and 2 in the front of the infrared sauna, to maximize the heating surface area.

The EMF radiation rating in this 3 person infrared sauna is very low and it emits infrared wavelength from 5 to 12 microns, which is just perfect for humans. ​

The maximum temperature you would get during infrared sauna therapy is 141 degrees F. All these things combined together will give you a very comfortable and relaxing infrared sauna therapy experience.

The overall dimension of the infrared sauna is 55 X 55 X 75 inches and it weighs 400 pounds.  The construction material used in it is pure hemlock wood with tongue and groove assembly, which is durable and stable.

You also get specially designed back rests so you can sit there for a long time without getting uncomfortable.

This infrared sauna can operate on normal house power outlet. It uses 120V/20amp power. You will get an EZ control panel with which you will be able to control the times and temperatures of your sauna session.

This 3 person infrared sauna also includes an ionizer, what it does is it kills all the bacteria and germs inside the sauna along with purifying the air by releasing oxygen and negative ions into the air.

Other feature that you get are: Dual interior and exterior LED panels with colour mood lights, CD player with MP3 plug in, Magazine racks and towel hooks.

Talking about the warranty, you get a 5-year warranty on the wood and construction, heating elements and electrical components. You also get a 1-year warranty on the radio after the purchase.

LifeSmart DYNAMIC AMZ-DYN-9101-01 Alicante Review​ – Cheap 2 person infrared sauna

Looking for a personal infrared sauna?

Then we have bought you this 2 person infrared sauna. You can use it alone if you wish to. It is compact and lightweight and doesn’t require much space.

This personal infrared sauna is safer than the traditional saunas, as it reached only up to a temperature of 120 degrees F. There are 4 bio-ceramic heaters placed inside this sauna to provide you with uniform distribution of heat.

You can change the temperatures and timings of your infrared sauna therapy session by using the control LED unit. This controller panel can be access from both outside and inside the sauna.

You can also listen to your favorite music while have a sauna session, thanks to the attached speaker. You just have to connect your phone with an AUX cable and you are good to go. The manufacturer has also provided build-in lighting systems which enhances you comfort.

Talking about the structure, you can easily fit one or two person inside it. The overall dimensions of the sauna are 39X 36 X 72.5 inches and the weight is 250 pounds.

So you can see, it’s very light weight and small, you can install it very easily even in a small corner in your room.

The material with which it is made is natural reinforced Canadian hemlock wood. This wood is completely Eco-friendly if you are concerned about the environment.  Having a small size, it actually uses very less electrical power. You will barely notice any difference in your energy bills after using this 2 person infrared sauna.

The manufacturer has also provided a complete user guide and instructional manual for this best infrared sauna. You will have no problem installing​ or assembling this sauna.

Easy to follow steps make the sauna ready in under an hour. The user guide will also help you with understanding how to use the control panel and music/lighting systems.

On buying this infrared sauna, you will get a 90-day warranty on labor along with a 1-year warranty on parts.

DURHERM XLarge indoor Review – ​Cheapest and best portable infrared sauna on the list

​The best portable sauna!

Are you looking for a portable sauna?

Do you have no space to install a big infrared sauna in your home?

No problem,

we have bought you this mini portable infrared sauna.

This portable infrared sauna can easily be folded and kept under the bed if you do not wish to occupy the space. Furthermore, it is very light weight so you can actually carry it with you everywhere you go on trip.

Handy isn’t it?

This durherm portable infrared sauna consumes very low power from your power outlet and generates more heat. So you will save money while buying this.

What more?

This portable infrared sauna emits nearly zero EMF radiation. Au ultra-thin Japanese made tourmaline panel will heat up the three heaters. It also aids immensely to the detoxification of the body.

The infrared sauna only weight 25 pounds and you also get a folding chair free. It is one of the best 1 person infrared saunas out there. 10 minutes of sauna bath in this infrared sauna is equal to a 30-minute jog.

Isn’t that great?

The manufacturer provides you a 1-year warranty with their product.

JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 Review – Editor’s choice for 3 person infrared sauna

Do you want the very best for your house?

Then buy this JNH Lifestyle 3 person infrared sauna. It is the top product on the market right now. All your friends and family are just going be astonished after seeing it in your house.

This infrared sauna is very attractive, good looking and full of features.

You get a big temperature tolerant glass door and a very large seating area which will comfortably fit 3 people in it. The overall dimension of this infrared sauna is 59.1 X 39.5 X 75 inches and the total weight is 484 pounds.

Although it is big and heavy, you will be able to assemble the whole thing very easily thanks to the company for providing simple design and clear instructions.

The whole construction is based on double layer 100% Canadian hemlock wood panels, simple tongues and grooves. It is very to set it up with 2 persons.

The whole 3 person infrared sauna has a total of 8 ETL approve carbon heaters in it with lifetime warranty. These heater allow the sauna to hit temperatures up to 140 degrees F. You will get an easy to use and intuitive control panel on the interior with which you will be able to control the sauna parameters.

Using this infrared sauna does not harm you in any way because the EMF rating on it is zero.  Another premium feature is that, it comes with 2 good quality speakers and AUX attachment capabilities, now you can easily listen to your favourite music while having an infrared sauna therapy.

To enhance you experience even more, you get LED lighting as well.

You will be able to install it in your room without having to change the power outlet because it works on normal 20 amps power outlets. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up, and after that you can start your sauna experience.

Okay the best part?

5-year warranty!

DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Review – ​​1-2 person sauna for small homes

Are you looking for a small infrared sauna for your small home?

Let us show you the DYNAMIC 1 person infrared sauna. This sauna can also fit 2 people if they are not very big. If you are of average size, then you and your friend will be able to fit inside it easily.

This best infrared sauna is famous because of its very well done construction and tough build. You will large efficient carbon heating pads and increased benefits for your health.

The total number of carbon infrared heating pads on this sauna is 6. These carbon heating pads are also designed to emit very low EMF radiation.

So it does not harm you in any way. These carbon heating panels are also very energy efficient and they spread out the heat very much more efficiently as they are 30% larger than regular ceramic pads.

Extra feature?

You will get a foot pad which heats up as well. This is done to provide you with a more uniform infrared sauna therapy experience.

You get pre-installed Chemotherapy lighting systems as well. You will be able to control the temperature and timing and other feature through a Soft touch control panel.

This control panel can be accessed both from inside and outside, so you don’t have to open the door and lose all the heat build-up.

This 1 person infrared sauna also comes with a speaker system, with which you can play your favorite music via AUX connection. Other feature on this unit include: magazine rack, remote for lighting systems and towel rack.

The dimensions of this 1 person infrared sauna is 39 X 36 X 73 inches and the weight is 250 pounds.

It is made out of natural Canadian hemlock wood which is both durable and long lasting. There are no chemicals of plywood used in this unit. The maximum temperature you can reach in this infrared sauna is 140 degrees F.

Now let’s talk about the warranty.

On the carbon heating pads, you get a lifetime warranty. It also comes with a warranty of 1 to 3 years for wood construction, heating elements and electronics.

JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 Review – No EMF radiation Infrared sauna

​JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 Review – No EMF radiation Infrared sauna

JNH Lifestyle is probably one of the best manufacturers of infrared saunas of there in ​2020.

Their NE2HB1 model offer a sauna experience to 2 people.

This infrared sauna can directly plug into your homes power outlets. It is very small and compact so you can install it anywhere you like inside the house.

The outer structure is made with a 100% pure Canadian hemlock wood. And it also has dual insulation on the walls which prevent the build heat to escape and save you money.

A total of 7 carbon heating pads are attached to the surrounding walls to provide you with a uniform heating experience. These carbon heating pads emit zero EMF radiations; therefore, you do not have to worry about absorbing any kind of radiation at all.

The dimensions of this 2 person infrared sauna are 47.3 X 39.5 X 75 inches and the weight is 350 pounds.

This sauna can be installed very easily and it takes only an hour to assemble it. The design of this personal infrared sauna is based on tools free tongue and grooves, so you can just place all the parts together very easily. It even disassembles for easy relocation.

The inside of the saunas has 2 good quality speakers, an MP3 player and a volume controller so that you can control the music the way you want.  

The LED lighting of this unit also enhances the sauna experience and are very energy efficient.

Free accessories you say?

Yes, you get backrests, neck supports, cushion and other things when you buy the kit.

Talking about the warranty on this 2 person infrared sauna, you get a 1 year warranty of the sound system.

Along with that you get a 5-year warranty on structure and electrical parts and 10 years’ warranty on the carbon heater.

Radiant Saunas Review – ​Best 2-Person​ infrared sauna with 7 years’ warranty

Radiant Saunas Review – ​Best 2-Person​ infrared sauna

So you are looking a reliable manufacturer of infrared saunas?

Let us present to you the Radiant saunas. This unit has 7 years of warranty.

When you order it online, you will receive the whole package damage free with all the parts and accessories needed. They also provide you with quick solution through their excellent customer service.

This 2 person infrared sauna has received 4.5 start from nearly a 100 customers on amazon, which speaks volumes about its quality and performance.

The overall dimension of this best infrared sauna is 49 X 39 X 75 inches and the weight is 350 pounds.

There are 6 high quality carbon heating pads inside this sauna, which will provide you very warm cushion effects and a uniform heating distribution inside the cabin. These carbon pads provide heating up to 140-degree F and can be adjusted easily with in-built controls.

The unit also includes an oxygen ionizer to kill the germs and enhances the oxygen content inside the sauna. It also has Chemotherapy lighting systems so you can take benefit of that as well while you use the sauna.

For your entertainment, there are inbuilt high quality speaker with which you can connect your MP3 players or phones via AUX cable to listen to your favorite music while having an infrared sauna therapy.

The beautiful look on the outside is achieved by making the whole cabin out of 100% Canadian hemlock wood. The glass door is tempered for safety, reliability and long life.

You will be able to assemble this personal infrared sauna very easily and secure it easily with simple buckle connectors.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna Review– Biggest infrared sauna on the list!

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna Review– Biggest infrared sauna on the list!

Are you a big family?

Then this is the best suited infrared sauna for you. It can easily fit 4 adults in it.

Let’s talk about the assemble first.

You will get a completely detailed instructional guide with this best infrared sauna. You will be able to assemble it by yourself in less than 30 minutes. Isn’t that great?

This 4 person infrared sauna is very comfortable for everyone inside the cabin. The settings are very easy to handle. You will enjoy every moment you sit in there. Another good aspect of this infrared sauna therapy is that your health will benefit a lot from just by sitting in it.  

Your whole body and skin will be detoxed and you will feel very relaxed and calm after a session.

The heating can reach temperature up to 140 Degree F, thanks to its high grade 9 carbon fibre far infrared heaters. These carbon fibre infrared heaters are also ETL approved for best performance.  

The overall dimensions of this unit are 70.9 X 47.3 X 75 inches and the total weight is 350 pounds.

The outer structure is completely made out of Canadian hemlock wood which is very durable and long lasting. It also gives the sauna a rich posh finish. The walls have double layer insulation so you not have to worry about the wood expanding or the heat escaping.

You also get 2 premium quality speaker with which you can play music via AUX connector.

Who doesn’t love listening to their favorite music while getting an infrared sauna therapy?

You will also get a digital controller that would allow you to set up things like temperatures and sauna session durations.

This company is ETL approved and uses only UL listed components which makes this product a must-buy. You also get a 5-year warranty on this best infrared sauna.

Heatwave SA2420DX Tuscon Monticello 4 Person Infrared Sauna Review – ​Highest number of carbon heaters


This is one of the most popular 4 person infrared saunas on the market in 201​9. 

This is best suited to people who have large space inside the home. This infrared sauna can easily and comfortably fit 4 people inside it.

It has a total 10 carbon fibre heating pads of which 2 are located on the floor, 2 in front of the bench, 3 on the left wall and 3 on the right wall. The price of this personal infrared sauna is really low compared to the heating pads and functionality they provide.

It is specially designed to emit very low levels of EMF radiation on your body. Hence it is completely safe. The highest temperatures you can achieve in it is 141-degree F.

For a beginner, it is very easy to operate the LED control panel on the wall. You can operate if from interior or from the outside as well. The easy to use buttons and touch makes it rather very quick in setting parameters for a sauna session.

Moreover, this infrared sauna also has a radio and MP3 player install inside it so you can listen to your favorite music while having the infrared sauna therapy experience. You can also change the LED lighting as per your mood. Additional features include a towel hook, backrests and magazine rack.

The construction of this infrared sauna is done so that it is very easy to install for you. You can assemble the whole thing very quickly as it is designed with only tongues and grooves. The body is made out of Canadian hemlock wood for stability, strength and durability.

Talking about the warranty, you get a 5-year warranty on the structure, heaters and electrical components. Along with that you get a 1-year warranty on the Radio player and light bulbs.

JNH Lifestyles NE1HB1 Review – Best 1 person infrared sauna

​JNH Lifestyles NE1HB1 Review – Best 1 person infrared sauna

Looking for a 1 person sauna?

Then this might be the best buy for you. JNH Lifestyle is a very reputed company who provide high performance infrared saunas which always win over customer’s hearts.

This is the only infrared sauna on the list to be certified and tested by Intertek. It has zero EMF radiation emission. So it is completely safe for you to use.

It includes 6 ETL approved commercial grade carbon heaters. These carbon heaters are optimized for better performance and uniform heat distribution. Furthermore, you get lifetime warranty on these carbon heating pads.

The outer body is made with 100% Canadian hemlock wood. Which is very durable, long lasting and gives a nice look overall. This wood is FSC certified wood. No chemicals are used in the construction, so you do not have to worry about toxins entering your body.  No plywood has been used in the construction.

The walls are double insulated in order to trap all the heat inside the cabin and in turn saving energy.

You will also get good LED lighting along with built in AUX connection, Premium quality speakers and a volume control. So you can listen to your favourite music while bathing. All these can also be controlled via LED digital control panel provided on the wall.

You can use this infrared sauna with any normal electrical outlet. It needs USA standard 110V/15A plug.

After buying this infrared sauna you will get a 5-year warranty along with a lifetime customer support warranty.


In this article, we have defined the Sauna product details with their benefits and drawbacks. Moreover, the features of the products are explained here individually. So, we hope this article will help you to choose the right product for you.